Printer Configuration is not working in rhel5

Hi friends

I am using EPSON PRINTER LX-300+II in rhel5.I have configure it succesfully and printed test page alsio.After some time when i have tried to print with same configuration i am not able tyo print test page also.I dony knoew what is the problem..I will give u the details of how i have done configuration

1.I have selectde new option to add new printer

2.In select connection device name LPT#1 i have given

3.In select printer from databasew make EPSON i have selected.

4.MAKES i have selected 9 pin series CUPS V1.2.

5.APPLY i have given. printer is added but test page is not printed..

Please reply immediatly i am stuck here since 4 days,,

Any help regarding this will be hitghly appreciable from the bottom of my big heart..

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  1. Check to see if you have any logfiles in /var/log/cups/, especially error logs, that can better point you to the issue.

    Just a sanity check here, but you are use the parallel port interface on the printer (not the USB interface that was added on the "II" version on this printer) and it is turned on, correct?
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