Smoothwall V 3.0

Running this little beauty as my primary firewall here in front of an ADSL 8Meg modem in bridge mode with a decent wifi AP at the end serving the "mere users" in my house.

It has been a solid performer ... till I run the updates.

Recently my logs over ran the system and this was because I run the recent updates ... which removed the "delete logs" menu option under "LOGS" ... and my ability to cull them ... freeing memory.

I got a Linux dude at work to give me some tips to access it using putty ... and deleted the logs.

Now i have noticed I have lost some functionality ... the home page no longer displays current data ... the "about" tab pull down menus are empty.

Er ... i think I deleted a bit more than the logs.

/hears distant laughing

Ok ... can anyone help me get it back running properly?

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  1. Whu-oh, that does kinda sound bad, but deleting thing under the /var/log/ directory shouldn't have this kind of effect. Now, if you deleted everything under /var, that's not good at all...

    If I were you, I would (backup needed stuff first and) just reload it to ensure that whatever issue is causing the missing functionality is covered (and, in the future, if you need to clear off logs, putty in and pick off the logs a bit more manually to ensure you don't shoot yourself in the foot). You could very well be able to detangle this, but it'd take quite an effort (likely moreso than saving needed files and reloading/redoing the setup)

    Installing Smoothwall to a VM just to check things and just make sure I'm not talking out my ass :D

    UPDATE My assumptions about Smoothwall were correct: something else terrible musta gone wrong when you went to clear out the logs, I would save off the settings and reinstall (using those settings when reinstalling)

    Sidenote: I had never used Smoothwall before (had been a DD-WRT and Tomato user, I now roll my own proper server based on Debian that pulls router, firewall, torrent client (yes, torrent client), email/webmail, web server, and general remotely-accessible duties), but it is very nice and I now I have an excellent suggestion for friends who are looking to setup a bit more than one of the alternative router FW setups but isn't quite ready for a full server setup (it's tricky, you need to keep the system updated, and watch for constant attacks)
  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    I am not very proficient on the command line interface side of things.

    A real n00b I am ...
  3. Reynod said:
    I am not very proficient on the command line interface side of things.

    A real n00b I am ...

    We've all been there, I'm just masochistic enough to enjoy sticking through the learning curve :)
  4. Thank you for the advice.

  5. np, be sure to stop by and let us know how it works out (or if you have other Linux-related questions)

    p.s. Thanks for arsing me to actually try out Smoothwall, as noted before I now have a fine suggestion for people who want something more than DD-WRT but don't care to get into the nitty-gritty
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