The reason to use Newegg and NOT Tiger Direct!

Yes, this happened this morning, and I already tried resolving the issue with a supervisor.
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  1. Yeah, I made the switch a long time ago and have not looked back. For me, Newegg is the only place to shop for PC parts. Not only do they offer good prices and good shipping (in my area at least), but they offer lots of video reviews and buying tools. Between Newegg and Tom's, I don't see the need to look elsewhere.
  2. If you ever need anything from me, just chime in.
    I am here to help my fellow members out.
  3. Wow, I'm glad I started with newegg haha.
  4. Aleonris said:
    Wow, I'm glad I started with newegg haha.

    Well, if NewEgg doesn't call you back, know that I will be glad to help you and others out.
  5. All i use is tiger never had an issue with them at all . Ive bought bare-bones kits to build systems for friends to just lots of single parts to build my new PC

    Easy website to find anything everything so far that i needed , shipping was fast every time. and great prices plus you get air-miles in Canada :)

    I have never used Newegg but i am sure they are good as well.

    just my opinion and experience with Tiger Direct
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