Windows Server 2003 shared folder permissions

I work in a small architecture office (less than 10 people) with a server running Windows Server 2003. I have several shared folders set up for various files:

- C:\Current is for all current project files
- C:\Downloads is for downloaded program files or other program files that all users need to access.
- E:\Archives is an external USB HDD used for all archived project files
- F:\Backups is another external USB HDD where all files are backed up.

I have a login script setup for all workstations that maps these shared folders as follows:

- C:\Current is mapped to Z:
- E:\Archives is mapped to Y:
- C:\Downloads is mapped to X:
- F:\Backups is mapped to R:

So far I have everything set up with everyone having full control in the Current folder and the Downloads folder. The problem is that nobody has control in the Archives folder. For all the workstations running XP Pro SP3 (my machine included) or Vista Ultimate, we can see the contents of the Archives folder, but nothing can be added, saved, or edited.

On the one workstation running Vista Home, the Y:\Archives folder cannot be mapped at all.

I have checked all the permissions settings on the folder on the server. Everything is set for full control for all users, administrators, etc. but I just cannot seem to get it to allow anybody to do anything. All the permissions settings look exactly the same as all the other shared folder, and all the other ones work fine. What could be going on here?
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