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Verifying DMI pool data

Lately when I start up it does the normal stuff, then all of a sudden it says.

Verifying DMI pool data...

Booting from CD:
Booting from CD:
Booting from CD:

and it just stays stuck there. I have to restart it and boot from hard drive.

I can go and set it to boot the hard drive in the bios. But Isn't the "normal" boot sequence is cd, hdd, etc?

I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light as to why this happened.
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    Getting stuck at DMI generally means things along the lines of the master boot record or Bios is somehow corrupted, or that bootable devices are either not set properly, have loose connections, or are failing. In this case it sounds like perhaps your Optical Drive might be the issue.

    Yah - The 'normal' boot sequence is Optical first, since there could be occasions when you don't want to boot from the HDD. Having said that, you can have the sequence in whatever order you want.

    How to perform a Startup repair:

    Some other things you might find useful:

    Troubleshooting Sequence:

    How to check system files in Vista:

    How to perform a full system repair:

    Hope that helps.
  2. Chances are you installed a new drive. Go to bios and reorder the harddisks so that they're the same as before. i.e. OS drive 1st, the rest don't matter.
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