Media Player 11 Library failing, Black and White Video playback

Ok, so I just bought a 8800GT 512MB and a 450W PSU. After many restarts and driver installs, the PC is finally working. ;)

Except for Windows Media Player 11. It first started malfunctioning--- a good while before I got new parts: It would not search my Music Folder for music, no matter how hard I tried. So when I opened Library, it was empty. Yet, when I tried to stream files from my PC to my PS3 using MP11, it found newly assigned search/share folders easily. It worked fine, just didn't list anything from my library.

Now that I replaced the old X700 Graphics card with a XFX 8800GT and installed the drivers (along with reinstalling the chipset driver), MP11 started playing .AVI and .MKV files in Black and White. Not purely Black and White, there's some red in some places, but they're random. Thinking that reinstalling MP11 would fix the issue, I uninstalled all Codecs and MP11 - or rather, the uninstall simply rolled back to MP10. After reinstalling MP11, nothing was fixed. AVI and MKV files still were black and white. I turned off "Use High Quality Mode" (Options > Performance: Advanced... > Use high quality mode) which fixed the Black and White issue. But that's certainly not good enough.

To boot, now that MP was reinstalled, every network information was wiped out, and I cannot tell MP to recognize my PS3 anymore, when I try - it crashes. The Network box is the recipe for crash.

Can anyone help me out here? What on earth am I supposed to do? I want MP11 to be back like it used to be...

Some backround info:
System specs:
OS: Windows XP Media Center
GPU: XFX 8800GT 512MB GDDR3 (Replaced: RADEON X700 SE)
CPU: AMD Athlon x2 3800+, 2.0GHZ
RAM: 512MB x4 DDR1 200MHZ (2GB)
Motherboard: NVIDIA nForce 410/430 MCP (NVIDIA GeForce 6100) (CPU-Z Read)
PSU: Corsiar VX450W (Replaced: Acer 300W)

Acer PC model: Acer Aspire PC - E360

Component Temperatures under XP "right now" with only net browser windows open.
CPU: 118 Celsius
System: 50 Celsius
nForce: 45 Celsius
GPU: 65 Celsius

Component Install Procedure:
1) Take out PSU and x700, put in new parts
2) start PC; Delete all ATI Drivers; Restart
3) Install the latest nVidia Drivers (downloaded already before replacing parts - from the nvidia site); Restart
4) Windows could not find network card (drivers), thus couldn't connect to the Internet
5) Installed "nvidia chipset driver" found on the official Acer website, listed under my PC model (all files pre-downloaded ofc); Restart
6) Installed nVidia nTune. To be able to see temperatures.

Any help would be appreciated :(
It's like looking for PC parts, all over again. Everything is so complicated and confusing. And no, I'm unable to find any microsoft support that tells me anything but that "everything should be working now!" bs.

- DJ
Hates Computers
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  1. I found the solution for the Library issue (Which consequently is utterly screwed up). This should fix the worst case scenario of library corruption where MP11 cannot even register folders to track:

    1) Close Windows Media Player 11.
    2) Go to the start menu and choose Run.
    3) Type: %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player.
    4) Rename said Media Player Folder.
    5) Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE and turn off the wmpnetwk.exe process.
    6) Start Windows Media Player 11.
    7) Everything should be working now. This even fixed the Network sharing issue.

    I still haven't figured out how to fix the Black and White issue, without turning off hi-res feature, though.
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