Lost planet Dx10 Demo on 2900xt

hey you guys out there that have 2900xt did any of you tryed to run the demo how was it. i can't test it i have 8800 cause but still i was see how that bad boy does
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  1. http://www.legitreviews.com/article/505/1/

    Read that it compares the 2900XT and the 8800GTX/GTS

    BTW the 2900XT, on DX10 FAILS miserably but i think its because Lost Planet was totally geared towards Nvidia's DX10
  2. it might be optimized to nvidia but that doesn't mean that 2900xt will just fail. then we have lot of games that are for nvidia then ati shouldn't even run those.

    As for AMD they just keeping lying man.
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