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I am a student at Texas A&M and I used my student status to obtain a copy of windows XP Pro 64bit edition. I am currently building a new comp and I was wondering if it was worth a damn? If not I will stick with XP Pro for now.

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  1. What do you plan on doing with your computer?
  2. gaming.

    Comp will be:

    duo E8400
    still looking for mobo
    2 gigs ram (for now)
    hd 4850
    raptor 10k HD
  3. If you want to go 64-bit, I'd say go with Vista over XP. If you plan on staying 32-bit, then stick with XP if you already have it. However, if you plan on going with 4GB+ of RAM at some point, then 64-bit will start to make sense.
  4. thats like my build but i have the Q6600
  5. I just built a new computer, and I am asking myself that same question: XP 32bit or 64bit. I have 4 gigs of memory, which will only be truly utilized in a 64 bit OS. I have seen a lot of complaints about software compatibility. However, most of those reviews are quite old. Has XP 64 bit gotten better? I know that all my hardware is supported in XP 64, so the only question is software compatibility. What do you guys think?
  6. Depends on the software. If you are going 64-bit though, I would recommend Vista over XP.
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