May I know what is the captive portal and proxy server(squid) in pfsense how to

I use captive portal as a wifi hotspot and I share my network to customer to login using name and password.It is ok.I also want to use proxy service to transparent and get cache.So I install squid and configure proxy server to transparent , captive portal does't work rightly, I think! Because when I enter my proxy and port to upstream proxy tab and save that configuratioon, cp log in page does't appear.I can't log in and get internet access. what is the problem? squid or captive portal?
anyone who know that provlem please help me
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  1. Doing a bit of digging, it seems trying to marry these two is fraught with issues: it can be made to work, but it's tricky, requires some heavy config file work, and reading through logs.

    Basically, if you were to separate out these functions to two sequential machines, I think it'd make your life much easier.
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