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Hello, I have an external hard drive connected to my Vista PC which then shares the files Audio/Video with my 360. However just two days ago I unplugged the external to bring it somewhere and now I can't get my 360 to see the files again. I have tried everything I can think of.

The files are still in the media player library and media player can use them. I have tried removing them from the library and adding them by going to "Library" "Add to Library" Add the drive, it then adds them, but they don't show up on the 360.

If I move a file from one of my other drives wich show up on the 360 to the external the file cannot be seen. If I move a file from the external to one of the others then that file can be seen.

Any help or suggestions?

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  1. Anyone?

    This is extremely frustrating, I can't do much with my 360 until this gets fixed.

    If anyone knows anything please post.

  2. Last BUMP.

    If anyone could at least point me to a forum that could help me that would be greatly appreciated. This is the second forum that has not been able to help.
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