connect 2 wireless routers via wireless lan

what im trying to do is connect 2 wireless routers together without cables between them.
i have a Netcomm NB5+4W (ADSL 2+ modem,wireless,4 port switch) which is located in the living room,
the other is a D-Link DI-524 (wireless router, 4 port switch) which will be located in the garage in my backyard.

connected to router 1 (netcomm) is: phone line (internet), 4 PCs (wired ethernet), 2 laptops (wireless ethernet).
connected to router 2 (d-link) is: 1 PC (wired), 1 XBOX (wired).

the part i need help with is the wireless link between the 2 routers so that all PCs, laptops and the xbox can connect to each other to share files, etc

---interet--->router 1--(wireless)-->router 2
/ \ / \
4 PCs 2 laptops 1 PC XBOX
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  1. Router 2 has to be put into Bridge mode (if it supports it) or you need a wireles bridge.

  2. router 2, the d-link di-524, with the firmware it came with when i bought it doesnt support bridge mode.
    i checked on the d-link website and downloaded the latest firmware for it, the updated firmware now allows the d-link to act as a wireless bridge.
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