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Reinstalling OEM Vista after getting RMA replacement


As the title mentions, I am wanting to reinstall Vista on my machine, but I am not sure if I am able to. I recently RMA'd a faulty video card (4870x2) and have installed the replacement, but don't know if this counts as one of the 'system changes" that basically makes my OEM disc worthless. I have read that if you completely install a new card, it will, but I don't know if it is the same for a warranty exchanged card of the same model.
Thanks for any replies
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    Just reinstall. I doubt seriously this will bring up any issues but if it does just call the number on the message and they will give it the green light. As I understand it they are very liberal with approving reinstalls, even if you swap bigger parts.
  2. You should have no problem. With an OEM license, the only thing you can't change is the motherboard - although in some cases MS will permit it.
  3. Great. I will give it a try and post if I run into any problems. Thank you.
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