application configuration incorrect - help please!!

Not sure exactly which subsection this should/could go, so appologies if it is incorrect,


i am having problems opening that application in the above screenshot "mumble" - it works fine downstairs on another system with XP 32bit, and it worked fine on this system with Vista 32bit, however after conflicts with vista and my gfx card swapping 2d/3d every 2minutes in cpu intensive games with the current drivers, i have formatted xp back on, all programs and apps are working fine except this one (even this installed ok, i just cant start it up) - even on reinstall

if you dont know what mumble is then its a free voice communication software for gamers with <2ms inbuilt delay

thanks, driving down to now to pick up some new ram, hopefully someone will know the problem so i can rectify it when im back, lots of love and appreciation n advance!
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  1. sorry guys i got it to work, realised a new version was released yesterday and thats bugged, the mumble site is rubbish! 1.1.4 works fine, 1.1.5 has this error, i assume in relation to C++ coding.
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