Vista Eternity?

Hey, anybody know anything about Vista Eternity? It's supposed to be the upgrade from Vista Black Edition. I'm using it right now and it seems pretty nice. I'm just hoping some virus doesn't rape me later on though. Anybody know about issues with it or anything?
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  1. You should no that we don't discuss pirated software here.
  2. notherdude said:
    You should no that we don't discuss pirated software here.

    Actually its not pirated software, Anyone can make there own Vista/platform. I am taking my Collage classes and I am 76% complete with my own Vista/XP Combined for best video/graphics/speed/look. I have been working my butt off.
    Its called

    Vista Titanium 2009

    By Shem

    It technicaly just another copy of Vista but not pirated software.

    Yes I run it on my mothers Laptop, It is very good to use. Not slow, I have never incountered any problems with it. So far its 100% Virus free. Unless you download bad stuff.
  3. You are really not that naive, are you. Vista Black and Eternity are being offered on the net as a free(and paid for) download by the author(bensam56 - and yes he claims his work). It is an edited version of Vista so it is piracy. You pay if you want to be first in the queue and have it when he releases the newest updates ect. This guy is making money off the back of Microsofts work and if that is not piracy I don't know what is.
  4. I guess if they don't want people making it. Then they should remove all Collage/school classes teaching you to make it. ;)
  5. It's one thing if you have a license key... but if you are using these downloads to get around having a key or activating Windows, then yes, you are pirating. You can modify your installation to your heart's content as long as you own a legal license.
  6. shem said:
    Actually its not pirated software, Anyone can make there own Vista/platform. I am taking my Collage classes and I am 76% complete with my own Vista/XP Combined for best video/graphics/speed/look. I have been working my butt off.
    Its called

    Vista Titanium 2009

    By Shem

    It technicaly just another copy of Vista but not pirated software.

    Yes I run it on my mothers Laptop, It is very good to use. Not slow, I have never incountered any problems with it. So far its 100% Virus free. Unless you download bad stuff.

    I would love to take a look at your Titanium version of Vista. Are you going to post it anywhere?
  7. You know I have been watching this kind of thing for quite some time and while I really, majorly question the legality of it myself (actually I think it is piracy, just piracy of a kind that we have not really seen before, creative, almost artistic piracy if you will). I have tried Vista Black Eternity Edition and I must say it is something to behold. Quite a beautiful operating system. Yet something in my mind just wont shut up and that is the idea that this is going to lead to something. I think that this is going to lead to the eventual development of a Windows compatible operating system that is compatible with windows software in the same way that Wine can run some Windows programs under Linux and that can load, edit and even save in Word, Excel, Power Point and other "microsoft" formats. I really think we could possibly see the day when it is no longer feasable to attempt to charge large amounts of money for an operating system, instead the money will be in selling the software that is developed to run on those platforms and the most valuable software will be multi-platform software such as programs that are written in Java now. I think Operating Systems may very well go the way of Web Browsers, people tried to charge for them for a while but the people weren't buying, free alternatives arose and there came a point where if a browser was going to be viable and actually have a user base it had to be free. It is going to be quite interesting to see what will happen in the days and years to come in this area.

  8. You keep your dream... I'll keep the money...
  9. Well actually if you think about it, if you shop around you can get Mac OS X for less than $100.00, You can get Linux free of Charge, there is already a Windows compatible OS in the Alpha stages called ReactOS on mobile systems Google realeased Android and what was the pricetag on that one? $0.00 at least to consumers. All of this together happening near the same time and continuing to happen more and mor and coupled with the fact that it seems that no matter what kind of copy protection or whatever else is placed on Windows it gets broken somewhere down the line and then there are free copies floating around out there. I know that a whole lot of work goes in to the development of an operating system but I also know that if you enter an economic realm where consumers won't buy your high priced product because somebody else has developed something that does what your's does you just may not be able to play the game with the numbers quite as high as you used to. I think somewhere around $100.00 would be a reasonable price for something like the Home Premium version of Windows Vista, not for the upgrade version for the full deal. Then maybe jump that to $150.00 for something like Vista Ultimate, decent pricing will go further to curb piracy than all of the security measures in the book I think. However, if the prices don't come down the companies that do the over pricing probably will eventually.

  10. Mac OS X is how old now? That's why it's so cheap. Linux has always been open source. ReactOS has some potential, but as of now it's in the same category for me as Direct X 10 for XP. People don't have to buy a new OS... as long as they keep buying new computers, they will always have the newest OS... the price of the OS itself is invisible to the average consumer.

    Piracy only makes software more expensive for the consumer... not less. Do you honestly believe that the best way to get a company to lower it's prices is to steal it's products? What Kool-Aid have you been drinking? The best way to get MS to lower it's prices is to use alternatives... Linux and Open Office. Encouraging piracy does nothing to help the cause... it only legitimizes MS's stance. After all, if so many people are looking to steal your product... then that has to be one valuable product.
  11. Wrong.. Software does not go up in price because of piracy, software price is based on fiscal projected overhead of the project related to R&D, support and other such factors while adding based profit percent for quantity sold. in other words grab a book homie and read. Speaking as a certified MS engineer, whom has deployed VOL and MSDN account for fortune 1000 companies, you are missing the point. The direction of software OS is unified platform, lower base code requirments and hardware needs. For example, Linux is usually only deployed when it can be maintained, either by user or contract, and very rare that its deployed as a primary OS on workstations, or domain servers.. (LDAP & NIS Included).. this is where MS makes its money, the corporate backbone, its estimated it costs MS just as much in support (service packs, phone) in the lifespan of a "Consumer" OS than it makes in profit. however, market share and user identity is worth its weight in gold because the same people that have computers at home usually use them at work, low learning curve and customer acceptance provide MS the capability to say "see we are the most used and accepted OS on the market, with the largest support capability for all your needs" it only makes sense for a company to chose MS for thier backbone.

    Corps do not install pirate OS because of legal issues but MOSTLY because they are not SUPPORTED! MS makes a huge killing on VOL contracts, knowing that most support will come from the company engineers onsite, they reduce the price per unit for this but are still making that profit percent which is otherwise negated in the consumer product.

    in other words, MS does care about pirated versions of thier OS so they can track and calculate numbers of marketshare (this is the main reason they dont capture personal information when validating), and to warn the end user if they bought a computer from a reseller they would report the reseller (incentive to get a real license, cheap license), BUT for the average DIY guy.. they dont care (even if they say they do) the market share footprint is too small to bother with

    Piracy makes very little impact if any in thier overall OS goals... NOW MSOffice... thats totally different, they do care, but to a lesser degree than what you were stating in your thread.. again market share..

    To sum it up, most people that pirate software were never going to pay for it anyway.. and usually its engineers that do so, the kids and such are not important that are doing it to learn, however, the same engineer has the same philosophy, i use this i like this, i want to use it at work, i need a PO for this, it will do X for us and the ROI is this.. in the end, in the US market its a wash for any product.. because the same company (if they could) would be here take this software fully loaded and see if you would like to use it in your environment.. free..

    In the end! BUY IT IF YOU USE IT, otherwise thier product isnt worth the money anyway!!
  12. So basically what you're saying is that MS doesn't care... go ahead and pirate away?

    Piracy ultimately costs everyone... it was a serious enough problem that MS put research and development towards ways to stop it. I'm sure that WPA and WGA added to the overall cost of developing Win XP and everything after it. If VOL is MS's bread and butter and VOL customers don't pirate... then by your logic MS shouldn't have to do anything to prevent piracy... and yet they do. That costs money and that cost is definately passed off to the consumer.

    Saying that a pirate wouldn't have purchased the software anyway is a cop-out. It's like saying it's perfectly fine to pirate the software if you had no plans to buy it anyway.
  13. OK i never said, EVER that piracy was good nor was it honorable (other than kids learning where they could never purchase the product to learn it, in an isolated environment) that is a given, most software companies diregard them as they were not in the (sales portfolio), speaking from experience here..

    MS has put about .06% ((or possibly .6%)) of total project funding for Vista to prevent piracy (cant remember where that figure came from.. pulled from some trivial data department in the receses of my mind.. probably somthing someone said or i read in a meeting while i was grubbing a Quiznos ham and cheese)

    Regarding your moral implication:

    My statements were directed to the fact of field engineers, and kids, one is evalutaing prior to putting thier neck on the line at work the other is kids learning the product. i think we are talking apples and oranges here, i am NOT talking about the newgroup floggers, Torrent loaders and such that do this for a living (and we all know them).. but they even state in thier apps, if you use it, BUY it.. but thats another topic.. (moral issue loading a pirate app to test vs to use)

    MS DOES care about mass reproducing and releasing of thier software (as i stated in my last post, but then said they dont which i meant in the terms of fiscal actions to track and prosecute), any software, they own the IP.. this guy disro the Vista Eternity is in direct violation of IP (intellectual property).. thus Pirate.. however what they dont focus on is the DIY, fly by night, one offs that place that OS on thier systems.. Unless.. that distro is being sold on systems or by "newspaper add, flea market system builders and/or resellers".. they can and will focus on them because that has substantual recourse options.

    However, and moreover, my point was and is, MS has full capability to track and even disable an OS that is does not have a valid LIC, they dont, (for many reasons that i will not go into here) they dont track other than system info and the hack version, no personal data.. your also talking moral issues and mixing them in with this, i was/am talking logical and fiscal issues.

    Logical and fiscal issues:

    SO whats this all mean, do they care or dont they, of course they care to a point, it can make a minor impact on the projected profit (however they already figure a number in for piracy and i dont know that number, i dont think anyone does, well maybe Bill but they cant factor in piracy for that loss revenue so they jack up the price, it dont work that way, its what the market will bare plus what i already stated in my previous thread), but that does not increase the price of the OS was my point and was yours as well, its simply not fiscally worth tracking down and getting a warrant (witch they are unlinky to get for an individual without evidence and if they DID have evidence with the way thier ELUA is written now that would violate the privacy act by gathering personal data without prior approval).. so, it makes less fiscal cost to ignore the DIY and go after the distos not the end users..

    On a personal note, i agree with you, i detest the non honorable person that feels its cool because they got it without paying for it, but i have several times evaled a product by creative means because the company would not ship me a full operational demo.. most dont even expect my call.. one told me once to look in the newsgroups! it ended up that product had so many flaws i undrestood why they didnt have a full working demo program.. nevertheless.. try before you buy.. i support that fully and i also support law when piracy is defined as (unauthorized use of software: the illegal duplication of copyrighted software or the installation of copyrighted software on more computers than authorized under terms of the software license agreement). in the end USE is a wobbler, if your evaling it for a project or need.. i dont feel (as many others in the field) that EVAL is not USE they way they have defined it (as production), and i have many friends in the software and hardware engineering fields (inluding me), this is not a topic that is just debated here.

    If you use it, buy it.. if you cant get a full working demo with timeout, then definitly use creative methods to test and eval, there is usually a reason a company will not release a full version demo with timeout.. be very cautious there. MS, of course does, note that whole 30 day timer prior to activation.... there is no reason to pirate MS OS.. none

    Inetersting fact, when i got my MCSE for the first time in 1997 it was one of my duties to report (directly to MS) any pirated OS that i came across.. i am under contract to do so still while i hold my MCSE title, it was also in the 2000, 2003, however when i was testing for the 2008 upgrade, there was no such provision (i seen yet).. leads me to think that they are working on somthing..
  14. I have a bought copy of Vista 32-Bit - Can I use this same key for the 64-Bit Black edition, or won't it accept it ? If not, can I buy an upgrade from my 32 Bit Vista to the 64 Bit Vista ? Is it still piracy shoudl the 64-Bit Black edition accepts my 32 Bit Vista Key ?
  15. Found a forum which mentions that a 32 bit key do work an 64 bit, and there are no diff between a 32-bit key and a 64 bit key:
  16. The way MS has restructured thier product activation and installation with Vista, 2008, Win7.

    You can install every known version bypassing the key section from the DVD, then enter your key after the installation to activate. Your key will only activate the right version, such as an Ultimate Key and Ulitimate version, tying a Home Basic key to activate Ultimate will fail. Using a Ulitimate Key to activate Home Basic should fail as well. Each version has its own key set algorithim.

    Activation keys for 32 bit and 64 bit versions are interchangeable, as your buying the OS "version" not version + platform your running it on, acording to all MS policy that i am aware of.

    There are special Build versions (mainly OS tweaking like datacenter versions) for severs with Xeon and such that i am aware of but those are not on the normal DVD and are only used in High end servers where this policy might differ..

    Also i would not use the hacked version of Black or the new Eternity, get a copy of the DVD or retail x64 from someone or even the newsgroups then enter your key.. for 2 reasons, one your supporintg "in by proxy" a hacked version (even valid LIC on a pirated OS is morally ambiguous at best) and second you can never control the original code so you will never have that secure feeling.. or i would not at least.. i want to know the code i am running is clean in base platform, its hard enough keeping it that way..

    2each thier own, no judging.. just my idealisms
  17. I look at it like this, i just purchased a new Gateway FX laptop that came with vista home, I hate vista home and the extra bloatware. I wanted vista ultimate instead. Best buy said i could purchase vista ultimate seperately, I don't like being forced to purchase the home license with the laptop then have to buy a second license for ultimate. so i made my recovery disk for my Gateway FX laptop and put it on the shelf. I formated and installed vista eternity. so i was forced to buy a vista home license for something i didn't want and as far as i am concerned, i consider my vista eternity licensed to me. microsoft wants to complain about it, they can complain to gateway for not giving me the option when i purchased this.
  18. Then you should not have purchased the laptop. Other OEMs I'm sure would allow you to upgrade to Vista Ultimate or may even have Vista Ultimate preinstalled. You weren't "forced" to do anything... you chose that model knowing that Home Premium was preinstalled and then you chose to download a pirated OS.

    Besides, there is no more "bloatware" with Home Premium than there is with Ultimate... in fact there is arguably less. If you wanted to get rid of all the crapware that most OEMs install you could have obtained an OEM copy of Vista and installed Home Premium without the crapware.

    The fact that you have to justify it only shows that you know what you did was wrong, but you did it anyway. Just because you buy one OS, it doesn't automatically entitle you to a free copy of another. Just like buying a computer with Windows XP Home didn't entitle you to get a free upgrade to XP Pro.
  19. i agree and present no argument about this vista eternity, however you missed one thing, it is only a 30 day trial and requires you to activate it. so you call MS and purchase a key. Though most users find a way around it.

    so in a way, it is not pirated until someone evades the purchase of the product key. And also this os is heavily modified and is quite different from what MS puts on the store's shelves. Besides the license is what is pirated, not the software. license (product key) says to be installed on one computer only unless you purchase a corperate version. as far as i know to date, there is no law that says you cannot modify an os. so pirated? that is a question to ponder........
  20. I believe it's spelled out somewhere in the EULA that you agree to when you install the OS. MS definately doesn't want modified copies of it's OS floating around... after all people hate MS as it is... if they download a "modified" Windows that somehow hoses their data they'll have even more to be upset about.

    What you do with the software on your own computer is your own business... it's when you start distributing that software that it becomes MS's. I'm sure they care very little about cosmetic changes here and there... but when you start messing with the way the OS functions, they might get a little upset.
  21. @ Zoron

    I commend you on your responses Zoron, but a thief will always try to find a way to justify their actions so before someone posts an illegal download link, and gets themselves permanently banned from THGF, I'm closing this thread.

    Thank You for the integrity and honesty you always display here at THGF! Ryan
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