D-Link Router Connectivity Problem

I just purchased a D-Link DIR-655 router that I have connected with a Toshiba cable modem and
Win XP.
The problem I have is that every 12-14 hrs I loose my internet connection and I can't access
the router's web config page.
I've tried using IPCONFIG /Release and Renew, but this doesn't work.
I've also tried powering off/on both the modem and router, but this also doesn't work.
The only solution I've found for this problem is to reboot the computer.
After rebooting I can access the internet and the router's config page.
Can someone pls give me advise on what is causing this issue.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Do you have the computer set up to automatically set the IP and DNS addresses? Have you Disabled your onboard or any other LAN?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I just want to make sure I understand your questions. For your 1st question - are you referring to the Internet Connections setup under the Connections tab/LAN Settings button? If so, the answer is that I have none of the checkboxes checked under the LAN Settings page. Could you pls further explain what you're asking in the 2nd questions.
    Thanks again for your help!
  3. Right Click on My Network Properties. Then Right Click on your Wireless card, Properties, then High Light Internet Protocol, Properties and make sure that Obtain IP Address and Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically are check. Then for all other network connections other than your wireless one, Right Click and Disable.
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