Computer Beeps 4 times at startup or 3 then freezes

ok ive had this vista gateway computer for about 6 months its a desktop with Quad Core and 3GB of ram and recently ive been getting Blue screens of death and such after that a couple weeks after i turned it on one morning and it wouldnt turn on it just beeps 4 to 3 times and freeze and then i have to hold the on button to restart it and it does the same thing over and over im gonna talk to gateway tech chat and see what they say but any suggestions?
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  1. WTf! now it works ok This minidump file in the "temp" folder in the "windows" folder started making the computer have these Blue screen of deaths can i delete it will it make the problem go away ? plz help i need replies
  2. The beeps are an error code - the number of beeps indicate what hardware component is malfunctioning. Could be ram, could be video card, could be something else depending on the BIOS and what codes it uses.

    Re-seat the ram and video card into their sockets, that sometimes solves this problem. If that fails contact gateway support and tell them what code you are getting.
  3. here is the first page I found after typing beep codes into google.

    As for the mini dump files, they are not causing the blue screens. They are telling you what happened. They are reasonably useless to the average person. (very cryptographic)

    Go to start|right click computer|properties|advanced system settings|advanced|startup and recovery and uncheck the automatically restart setting.

    Next time you get a blue screen it will provide you with information about what is causing the trouble.
    It will give a message like
    stop:00000007e (000000000x0)
    Type that into google and you will get many answers about possibe causes. Look closest at the msoft response.
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