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Hi all, I am having some very very irritating problems with web browsing in Windows XP. I use Mozilla Firefox and whenever I try to browse for certain websites in google and any search engine, I get a list of a whole bunch of sites. When I click on them, however, I goto some weird links like monsterware or some other sites instead of what I intended and when I try to type in specific URLs, sometimes, it takes three reloads to load an entire page. I have a crappy wireless DSL that connects with 11.0 mbps and everything was fine with web browsing until a few days ago. Any ideas?
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  1. You've got some sort of spyware / adware / malware. Do you have a current antivirus installed?
  2. Yes I have, I have Kaspersky, but I have another problem that is popping up. When I use Kaspersky and run a full scan, after 23% of scanning completion, my computer freezes. It's after a duration of 1 hours worth of inactivity that the computer freezes. I cannot move my mouse or use any of the functions by means of key board tabbing. It's really starting to piss me off. Just recently I got rid of XP Antivirus 2008. I don't know what kind of anti-spyware I need to use to restore my desktop back to normal. I'm using Windows XP Pro on the Windows Bootcamp side of my Imac. All other functions are going well because Linux doesn't have these sorts of problems. Someone please help me!!!
  3. Try using AVG... http://free.grisoft.com

    I have a computer I'm working on right now that has a similar issue. You may have to do a scan in safe mode to get it to work.
  4. I'll give that a try; Malwarebytes' Anti-malware seems to have destroyed the malware in safemode and that was with a quick scan. I'm doing a full scan to see if I can root up any other crap that's made it onto my computer. Judgement and retribution shall come once auxiliary scanning with AVG is finished.
  5. wonder how the spyware got in seeming how you have a scanner.
  6. That's what I'm wondering too, Gomer. The last dozen or so computers I've worked on have all had this f#*@(ng Windows XP Antivirus 2008 or something similar. There's no uninstaller... it installs itself under various weird folder names. The machines either had Panda, McAfee, ZoneAlarm or some other antivirus software installed. I'd really like to know where this is coming from, because I haven't seen it, nor been affected by it. (Not to mention I'd love to shut these people down... I'm getting so sick of seeing computers infected with it).

    Two other computers came in similarly infected... but somehow they had all their network services disabled. I had to reload both of those. Right now I'm working on one that freezes the way the OP's does. I did another scan with AVG and I'm hoping that this time, it finished. If not, I'll have to do it in safe mode tomorrow. I just wish I knew how the hell this is getting through all the antivirus scanners.
  7. What I'm thinking that's the cause of this is that people are downloading bit torrents. Some bit torrents contain malware and the number of people with infected torrents kind of spreads with the uploading and that sort. I didn't have these problems until recently when I was downloading a torrent for a back up file for one of my games. There's also the factor that people search for pornography, which is another place where this sort of crap gets there. You really don't want to know what kinds of perverted fetishes some people have. A friend of mine used to fix computers at Fry's Electronics and ... well ... let's just say that what he found in a bunch of computers is enough to make people vomit, period.
  8. ya spyware is every web site its the ones that use the same host, that give places bad names. Everyone wants to make money or advertise their crap. I'll use heatwave for example they infected millions of computers and now they teamed up with systematic. The problem is hosting sites don't give too craps who they let in, and next thing packets are being set to every friggen computer that logs in.
    Best advice I can say is run a trace on the line for a while when a new setup needs to be. I've notice a few things from sites mostly host providers that advertise websites through ADs. I'd pay the top for an advertiser that filters and screens their clients well.
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