Ghosted drive now trying to boot to

im gonna save the story and bs and get to the point. i had to ghost my drive to another. now i have a C and D drive. how can i make the D into C to reformat C to my storage drive. im thinkin a boot disc but if someone knows a super easy way please tell

thank you
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  1. Are your drives SATA? Are they on an IDE cable (master/slave)? Have you tried removing your current C drive from your computer and simply starting up on the D? Have you tried going to disk management?
  2. I'm not sure if you do it on a single drive, but if it's two different drives, and it's

    Set boot order priorities to the the new drive (IDE 1/2/3 if the old one is IDE 0). You probably might have to reconfigure the boot sequence

    Set the system to boot from the drive (SATAII_1/ SATAII_2 etc)
  3. If you haven't done so, remove the old drive and boot the new one. Then install the old drive making sure your booting the new one and then format the old one
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