Audio skipping when watching a movie

I am watching an avi file and the audio skips every 5 seconds. It makes watching a movie annoying. I can listen to an mp3 just fine at 10us, and work in cubase at 10us, but when watching a movie, I go above 1000us on DPC latency and it sits there the whole time. What gives??
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  1. I just disabled my video card and now it is working. Must have been the video then. Ok I guess I can live without the ATI control center
  2. I am having some extreme problems. I am trying to watch a movie and the audio is constantly skipping.

    I have narrowed the problem down to the graphics card. With the graphics card not turned on, I can't drag the movie around seamlessly and I can't scroll in webpages seamlessly (big pain), but the DPC latency checker registers around 15us. (see pic). However, I can watch the movie just fine without skipping.

    Now I try to watch the movie with the control center on, and there is a horrible latency plateau. It starts when the movie starts.

    I also noticed that the same thing happens when I navigate to the avivo tab in the control center.

    This is extremely frustrating. What is the deal? Thanks so much for helping me.
  3. I downloaded an older driver off their site and now it's working. I guess that works
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