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Microphone Echo in Games and Apps

Problem: My microphone produces in echo in applications.

When I play vegas 2 or certain apps with VOIP enabled the mic produces a echo 3 times.
Every gunshot and every word spoken is repeated three times as it fades out lower and lower each time.

Now for the weird part...
If I plug in headphones there is no echo.
If I remove the headphones there is 3x echoing.

I would prefer to play with my 5.1 surround sound speakers, then always having to use a headset. Please help me fix this...

XP does not do this, its only on my vista 64 ultimate operating system this happens.

The sound card is XFI Extreme Music (2006)
The motherboard is E-VGA 680i SLI A1 (2005)
The speakers are Altec Lansing 251B 5.1 Surround Sound (1998)
My headphones is Senheiser PC 161

I have the mic muted under playback and the boost disabled with it set on 50 for the volume.
The mode for XFI is gamer mode with EAX Max, XFI Crystalizer checked and SvM enabled.
The playback volume is 79 and the mic recording volume is normally 79 w/ what you hear at 79 for fraps.

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    I would check for a driver update for the sound card first, then disable any of the extra bells and whistles on that card to see if the echo was reproduced on the most basic settings. no telling what's causing that problem with those three enhancements enabled.
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