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A couple days ago I sent in a 6970 for an RMA as it was having 2d issues. I then received an email from them claiming that the video card was physically damaged and I asked to see pictures which they showed. The card looked like it was smashed in one side with a hammer and I told them I had proof that the card was in perfect condition when it was sent out and that it couldn't have been damaged during shipping as the shipping box was in perfect condition ( according to them) . Long story short I argued with them over email and asked for there customer support SIX times each time they sent me a response saying how it was my fault or they can't do anything. Can a company do this? Refuse to give there customer a customer support number? I feel like this is in some way illegal as emailing them is getting no where and I rather talk to a supervisor or manager but they keep refusing to give me there support number. I also checked sapphires website and oddly their is only a number for some hong kong office
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  1. did you ship the device out according to their specifications? normally this is at least an inch or two of bubble wrap followed by packing around the device so that there is zero room for it to shift. i've never had a problem with electronics being shipped like this.

    damage could occur if the device shifted in the box regardless of the outter condition of the box.

    if there was damage due to shipping does the carrier you shipped with have insurance on packages? if you chose one without insurance on the package you could have dug yourself a hole here. always ship with an insured package in case of issues such as this.

    sapphire shouldnt have a problem in giving you a number to call for support but some electronics vendors have been known to have poor customer service. while not illegal per se it is very shady. if the package was insured i would point that out and try to get compensated. if it wasnt then perhaps deal with the bbb or other outlet as there isnt much you can do to get immediate results.
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