Keyboard is typing wrong letters

When I press R Fvr shows up on my screen.And when i hit y ju shows up.
This is on a laptop.It looks like my keyboard is set up so then you click a key such as r it types in the 2 letters below the key and then the letter on top.SO when i press r fvr comes up.
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  1. You are probably using a wrong keyboard "driver" /a kbd**.dll in your system32 folder/. Go to Text Services and add the language/keyboard you need.
    Post again if it doesn't help.
  2. Nope That didn't work I was typing when it happen I was holding down the shift button and and I think I may have hit the num-lock
    I was looking around and saw something about alt code but don't know if that will help I've tried it but didn't work.
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