Solidworks and NAS

Hello everybody...
I think that this the right forum for my question, so i really hope you guys can helt me!

I have recently bought a NAS (network attached storage) on which i store all my data, including my Solidworks files. But everything is not great!

first of all: im running a windowsa XP machin, SW 2009 and a Gigabit NAS.

When i want to open a SW file that is placed on the NAS, i says:
and creates an extra .SLDPRT file, with the the prefix ~$xxxxx.sldprt

SO my problem is that i would VERY MUCH like to be able to open files over the network, ANYONE got ANY idead?

its proberly worth mentioning that there are NO problems with any other filetyper, WORD, MAX, EXCEL, .AI, .PSD and so on...

Im looking really much forwward to hear from you.!

best regard
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  1. Solid works is picky with network files. Try and mess with the multiuser setting in SW09. On or Off. That gave me network troubles.
    Thats a new piece of hardware. You would have better luck sharing off a PC or Server.
  2. Hey

    Where can i find the multiuser option?'

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