Blue screen and vista 64 bit

Hi ,
I have vista home basic 64 on my PC
and the problem that my PC restarts ( BLUE SCREEN ) every 20-80 minutes
I don't know WHY ?
I checked my memory RAM with memtest86 and there was 0 errors .
I checked my CPU temperature and its not high .
I reinstall VISTA without installing drivers and the same problem
I installed the drivers and the same problem

MY CPU : AMD Phenom™ X3 Triple-Core 8450


My PSU : Gigabyte SUPERB 550P

and here is a report of my PC ( EVEREST ).
and the Minidump folder

comment : before installing the Integrated GPU driver it was taking 80 - 60 minutes before the blue screen come .
and after the installation it takes only 20-40 minutes

I'm sorry but my English is weak

Any solution ؟؟
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  1. It may be related to reserved system memory for the onboard video, either not enough or too much.

    Could also be not enough system memory, you didn't mention your memory specs or type?

    I do not use memtest86 anymore to test Windows operating systems, it can give you a clean bill of health when actually you're not OK at all!

    Microsoft has a Memory Diagnostics program with advanced features designed to test for Windows weakness, you can download it from MSFT.

    Or Here>,64964-order,1-page,1/description.html

    This download is actually a bootable CD ISO creator, and it works with Vista.

    And also your memory timings and also possibly your memory voltage settings could not be set right in your BIOS setup, which can also lead to these types of problems.

    I would suggest looking up the memory timings and voltage settings from you memory manufacturers website, and comparing them to your actual M/Bs settings.
  2. Thank you I'll try ...
  3. Hi have a got at this site you can get recovery cds, boots discs and help with Vista and Xp
  4. My RAM : AENEON 2 * 1 GB DDR2 667

    I checked my memory RAM with Microsoft Memory Diagnostics and there was 0 errors .

    I changed memory timings .

    The manufacturers website said about my memory " Designed to run at
    standard 1.8V " BUT in my MB I can't put this voltage .

    AND I couldn't solve the problem until now .

    ANY solution
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