Get drivers dell inspiron n5110 linux

what should i do , i have a kubunto operation system i need the dell inspiron 5110 laptop so i need all the drivers not just camera and Bluetooth
even though i know the kubuntu support the dell inspiron 5110

PLZ i need help
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  1. You might want to have a look at this:

    The last certified version was 10.10 and only when installed by Dell so even Ubuntu do not guarantee that the latest versions will work.

    If you can tell us which items are not working for you then people can try and solve them one by one.
  2. It's really frustrating. :'(

    In any case, Bluetooth and the camera I do not know what else
    I work as a programmer and I want to run programs for checking , and I want to be the best of everything and if I'd be all drivers found in the device
    In any case thank you, you are really a great person
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