Booting XP from USB


I woud like to

A) make a copy of my C: drive
B) copy that image over to usb thumb drive
C) make that usb drive bootable

thanks in advance.

p.s: its for my laptop.
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  1. is the laptop able to boot from usb devices?

    and ur going to need a big flash drive to do that.

    also a good software to use to make back ups is

    PowerQuest Drive Image 2002 if u dont want to use the windows one which most people dont.
  2. I would use Snapshot Disk Imaging

    Afterwards get your USB drive ready with an empty NTFS primary active partition on it with the same size as your c partition on the laptop and just restore the image to the usb drive.
  3. Yes it can boot up from usb.

    I have used Acronis True Image Home 11.0 to make a backup of my c:

    now i also have a usb drive big enough.

    after restoring the image to the usb drive how do i make it active ?

    is their any other thing i need to do? thanks
  4. Norton Partition Magic 8.0
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