Need help, having vista and xp on 1 desktop


I have a new desktop, and it has vista premium on it.
But for certain things, I would really like to have xp 2.

I know u can have 2 OS on 1 desktop, I just don't know how.

So I have 2 installing discs: one of vista home premium, and one of windows xp home edition
How can I fix it, so I can run on one of them and still be able to get to all the files in my hard disk??

So actually I need some information on how to do it, and what it would be like..

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  1. you have to dual boot in order to have both vista and xp on one system (although, i don't know why you would want to nowadays)

    but the key to get it to work is that you must install XP first, and then install vista, or else you won't be able to dual boot properly
  2. Or get a second HDD to install XP on and use the BIOS setup to choose which HDD to boot from.

    In the OP/SYS installation phase disconnect the Vista HDD, and connect the XP HDD to the header it will be running on, once the installation is completed hook the Vista HDD back up, and use the BIOS to select the Boot Drive.

    Note; In each OP/SYS disable the other HDD do that in device manager that will keep each OP/SYS from writing files to the other OP/SYS.

    Pretty Simple Actually!
  3. in your case I would just do as 4ryan6 states, you can keep the current Vista instal and just install XP on the new HD. It is good for each OS to have its own MBR anyway in my opinion.
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