Marvell Libertas 8335 Ubuntu x64 Driver Issues,

I've got a PCI wlan Marvell Libertas 88W8335, It works perfectly under my Win 7 x64, but when i switched to Ubuntu x64 11.04 the OS wouldn't detect it, i tried the ndiswrapper method in order to install the windows x64 ver of the driver, after installin' the inf nothin' happens,,
Here's the code i used,,

ndiswrapper -i desktop/drivers/mrv8335.inf
Installing mrv8335..

So is there any other method to make ubuntu x64 recognize this chip?,,

NOTE : i installed the inf as root,
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  1. I've never had to deal with ndiswrapper, but this guide seems to cover the topic pretty well and provides nice checkpoint-type tests to make sure things are happening as they should
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