can connect with ethernet but not wireless, conflict with wifi card?

I am connecting to tiscali using a belkin F5D7630 wireless modem router, and a new acer aspire 3694 with vista basic os. i've manged to successfully configure router and can get online using the ethernet cable connection. When i try to connect via wireless it fails and tells me a choice of problems none of which seem appropriate eg "there is possibly a prob with your router or connection". I've tried changing the channel, enabling and disabling security and renaming the network. Also disabled all the firewalls i can find . Belkin tech support suggested may be some conflict with the internal settings on my wifi card from Acer.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Depending on your router security settings it's possible they are set to high for the wireless card. I ran into this when I had my router set to WPA personal but one of the wireless cards would only work with WEP
  2. You might look these over and find a solution.
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