What do you use as a browser ? and why ?

Ok guys,
I recently read a review of Internet browsers and have tried a couple of different ones, thing is i have become accustomed to how IE works and have come across different issues with other browsers that i am hoping either someone can say "Oh that's easy" or even possibly point me at something i have never heard off that suits me better.
FireFox, I'm sorry i can see its a decent browser but i just cant get on with the UI
Opera, 1 Issue so far but its a big one, It doesn't work with my keyboard shortcut key, any ideas ?
Safari, Whats with that bookmarks interface ? you dint need the whole application and screen being taken up with a fancy UI for bookmarks, do you ? I might get along with it if it would populate properly.
Slim browser is just a skin for IE isn't it.

I know IE is a sack of proverbial but nothing else dose the job as well from a UI perspective as far as I'm concerned. I'm open to change but if its going tio be different it at least needs to make life easier /better somehow doesn't it ?

Observations/suggestions welcome

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  1. Quote:
    What do you use as a browser ? and why ?

    I installed Opera and Firefox alongside IE8 for wife maybe six months ago. She uses them all. Why. Our ISP allows her to signed in to one email account at a time. I think she has like seven or more active email accounts. In fact, she added a new one today specifically for opening the active office appointment schedule onto the desktop for use by the secretarys/receptionists. So, for her personal use she can have three of her many email accounts open at once by using IE8, Opera and Firefox simultaneously. She prefers IE8 and complains when forced to use FF and Opera. Personally, I use IE8 and log out of one email account and sign in to a different account if need be. I recently installed dual monitors for her. She looks like she is training to be an astronaut or something. :lol:
  2. Thanks for the reply Badge, to be honest i had hoped that someone would have a new browser for me to try, I like Opera, just wish it would work with my short cut keys.
    I may try a web search, but to be honest I'm wary of getting some malware infested POS. That's why I posted and had hoped for lots more replies.
    Still thanks for the input

  3. Firefox and IE7
  4. If you want a new browser, try Google Chrome - supposed to be fastest browser at the moment but I use Firefox :)
  5. I just recently started using a browser called K Meleon.
    It is very fast, very robust in the features and very easy to configure.
    It uses IE favorites ans FF bookmarks, has mant secutiry options and can be used as a proxy.

    You can get it here. http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/
  6. Chrome?? Speed for sure, but it'd leave me with some doubts about what and esp. how much personal data they store and re-use for some kind of targeted ads. Like storing the URLs you enter manually...
  7. I use Chrome; extremely fast, secure, amazing GUI, great use of window space, omnibox is amazing. The list continues.

    I use Chrome with FF and IE8. I will sometimes use Opera to check how my website looks in that browser.
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