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Hi all,

I am in the process of (attempting) to install Ubuntu on my PC.

I am running into an error where after the splash screen asking which option I would like (install, run live cd, etc.), I am able to select and option and the screen will appear that it is loading. Shortly thereafter (1-2 minutes later) my computer appears to freeze, display some strange graphics (random color blocks across the screen) and then will remain that way until I restart.

When I try to load the "graphics safe" version of the live disc, the computer will eventually load into terminal. At that point, there isn't a lot to do in terms of testing out the distro... I am not a linux guru by any means, so booting into terminal really does me no good.

I have seen some other threads suggesting an alternate "non-graphical installation" for this situation, but I wanted to get a second opinion with my personal symptoms.

I am using an Nvidia graphics card (which seems to be a problem with 11.04) and my computer more than meets the system requirements for the install.

Any help?

Thanks :pt1cable:
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  1. Sounds like the issue that I had:

    I ended up installing Fedora (Mythdora to be exact). It installed fine. I'm going to give Ubuntu another shot when I get some spare time.
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