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i am having a major problem when booting my system, a couple of second into the boot the system will restart, it does this 3 times and then runs, however there is no display. Prior to this the computer had 4 crashes which i could not find a reason 4.

i am running xp pro service pack 2 with this spec

CPU E6600 Intel core2 Duo 2.4GHz ( 2 cores @ 2.4GHz = 4.8 GHz)
Motherboard ASUS P5B deluxe – wireless
RAM 2GB – 2x1GB MUSHKIN PC2-EM6400 5-5-5-12
VGA NEW Xpert Vision GeForce 8400GS 256MB PCIexpress Graphics Card
PSU NEW PSU Trust 570W Pro
Sound onboard
DVD and CD drives
Storage Hitachi 250GB

just before this happend our house had a power cut, i don't have surge protection so could this have affected it? If this is the case then the crashes are not related to the problem with makes the situaten more difficult.

thanks to all replys in advance
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  1. Either a file is corrupted as a result of the improper shutdown or your power supply took a hit from a power surge. Try a repair of XP or even just a chkdsk in Safe Mode.
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