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Hello, as some of you might know the error which says "Required CD/DVD device drivers are missing" while installing vista is really annoying. If anyone can plz give me any suggestions on what to do, that would be great.


AMD 5400X2 2.8
2gb ram
XFX 8800GT
Seagate 250 Gb HDD ST3250410AS
Sony DRU 840A DVD Rom burner

I tried many things from changing my dvd to slave and master to trying to install vista on a fresh reformat of xp with no drivers installed. I've read mostly every thread on this problem and not one thing I have tried has worked. I have tried to fix this so many times, that i just decided to forget about it because i got really really frustrated. So please help if possible. Thanks in advance.
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  1. couple ideas:

    1. Make sure your SATA controller is set to 'IDE mode' in BIOS.

    2. Try a different DVD drive, preferably an IDE drive if you have one
  2. Throwing out possibilities to consider:

    Bad DVDRW or scratches on Vista Installation DVD.

    Diagnose Hardware problems, HDD, Memory, and eliminate them as being the problem.

    You list 2G of ram but no brand, and sometimes the timings and voltage setings are off especially with OCZ modules, requiring you to set them manually, is that a black edition CPU?

    Just trying to get a feel for what you've already done and checked?
  3. Thnx for replying. The reason for not giving you the ram brand is because i doubt that memory is going to have anything to do with a device driver problem. And no, it is not the black edition. As for notherdude I will see if changing the setting in the BIOS works.
  4. And try a different drive - I can't tell you how many times that has fixed a stalled Vista install
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