SATA Drive and Nero incompatible?

Have just installed a Lite-on SATA DVD writer to go alongside an older BenQ IDE drive.
Both work absolutely fine for CD writing and reading and DVD reading.

However Nero 7 ultra has thrown me some curveballs.
It says the IDE drive is 2x maximum DVD speed but writing a 2 hour DVD takes about 10-15 mins, so that's not 2x.

But the SATA drive won't burn at all. Nero detects it and correctly states all its speeds and compatibilities, then when selecting to burn it comes up "burn process failed". Bearing in mind the drive comes with OEM Nero 7 essentials software, I am surprised if Nero isn't compatible.

Incidentally, if I try burning a Data DVD using a freeware burning utility it works fine.
So it must be Nero and not the drive, right?

Anyone heard of anything similar before?

(Windows XP MCE, 2gig 667MHz Corsair RAM, E6600 C2D, MSI 965 platinum mobo, 250gig WD caviar HDD, Hyper 580w type-R psu)
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  1. Try an updated version of Nero.

    But my personal recommendation is to uninstall Nero, and use the freeware ImgBurn.
    A feature I like a lot is the ability to burn CD iso to a DVD-RW.
    Ignoring the destination format.

    It can make cd's and dvd's from scratch, or from iso's.
    Most notably it doesn't install a driver like Nero does.

    On my girlfriends laptop Nero caused doubleclicks to show property pages for everything.. O_o
  2. Try updating the firmware of the SATA drive. There must be a new release on the drive manufacturer's website.
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