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Hey guys,
Recently, whenever i install a program such as a game i have been having problems because after the program is installed it doesnt show up in the start menu programs, and then i have to explore and find it in the programs file folder. usually when i install a program it automatically is put in the start menu programs folder so i dont know whats going on. Example: I installed Far Cry 2 the other day but when i hit the start button and go to programs there is no file called ubisoft even though the directory it supposedly installed to was C:/Program Files/Ubisoft. So then i have to explore and the folder magically appears when i am exploring but its not in the start menu. If you have any idea what im talking about or know the answer that would be great. Thanks.
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  1. Check your 'games' explorer under the start button. Farcry should be there. Don't know why Farcry 2 doesn't install with a start menu option. Are you sure it isn't just that one game doing that?
  2. Most newer games will have a shortcut in the Games explorer as notherdude said... but not necessarily a menu shortcut. This is to help cut down on the clutter created by installing a lot of individual programs.
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