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Hi, my first post, so i apologize if i posted in the wrong forum.

my problem in short, 2 months ago i used a program on Hiren's BootCd v9.8 to create a backup image of my boot partition. My hard drive is now physically dead and has been replaced. I've since forgotten which program was used to make the image and have gone through all of them in hopes of being able to either restore the partition or use an image viewer to extract the files i want.

Here are some details. The image file that was created is 15GB, the exact size of my partition. I believe its a sector by sector backup. The image file does NOT have a file extention, such as .gho or .tib, it was created without one. The reason i made the backup at the time was because it was failing to boot to the OS. After a couple hours of research, i used the recovery console to fix the MBR and everything worked fine.

If you are familiar with Hiren's Boot CD, i've tried every program accessable in the mini-windows and none can load/view the image. I'm 99% certain the image was created using a program in the DOS bootup of the cd. I've tried all the backup and recovery programs, none are able to load/view the image. i think i was using one of the HDD or partition/boot testing programs to diagnose my non-booting problem at the time and was presented with an option to do a backup at that time in whichever program i was using. i just dont know the program used.

i've also tried to search the net to see if any programs exist as a universal backup image viewer/explorer. i really dont need to restore the image, just be able to access/extract files from it. If anyone know of such a program thats able to view/explore a comprehensive set of different image files.

Any help to gain access to this image file would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. solution found. i added .img to the image file and was able to load and extract files using winimage
  2. Glad to hear that. :)
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