Connecting Front Panel Audio Jacks To the Motherboard

I recently bought a multi-functional 5 1/2" front panel for my PC, with a card reader, usb ports and 3.5mm Audio Jacks. These lead directly to a bunch of nine little cords, which I know plug directly onto the motherboard. MIC-R MIC-L REAR-R REAR-L FRONT-R FRONT-L CENTER BASS and GND.
Unfortunately I don't know in which order to put them onto my Jaud1 spikes on the motherboard, and my Motherboard (a N1996) was prebuilt in a cheap and nasty system, and thus has no manual.
I have trawled through many pages for the information I need, and have given up hope. Any help is apreciated.
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  1. With out a manual and there are no marks on the board you're likely stuck with trial and error. I'd start with the L-R Front connector and the ground, putting the Fronts at the one end the ground at the other. If that doesn't work, I'd start moving the ground. Once you get to the front, start on the rear. Hopefully, the L - R sit next to each other.
  2. Mightn't a wrong trial hurt the Motherboard? Several sites I checked said this. And also that I should only do what my manual says.
  3. No doubt following the manual is the way to go but if you can't get the manual, trial and error is probably the only thing you can do. I have an old Antec case that rather than one plug for the front USB there are 8 or 9 wires, forget which, and I've had to do trial and error, the mobo markings are different than those on the plugs and didn't damage the mobo when I got it wrong a couple of times. This isn't to say you couldn't damage the board. I guess if you can't come up with the mobo manual it's like Clint Eastwood says, "Do you feel lucky?" :D
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