Two questions regarding Vista

I'm building my first PC ever, and being a student, I have access to any OS I want for literally $5.

I have been an XP Pro fan for years now. I'm open to the option of moving on (unlike a lot of XP users). My set up is Giga UD3P mobo, 2 x 2GB of GSKill 800 Ram, HD 4850 GPU, 650W PSU, Intel 7300 Wolf, etc... This is going to be used primarily for multimedia and moderate to heavy gaming with the slight possibility of Adobe Creative Suite (even though thats what my other system is for).

First Question:

Can I run Vista with this rig (just making sure with ram and what not, I know its an easy question prob), and should I run Vista in your guys honest opinion?

Second Question:

If yes, which version (premium, ulitmate, etc), 32 or 64 and what is the difference between 32 and 64 briefly.

Thanks for any advice guys.
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  1. Vista works great on new equipment - just as fast as XP - of course your rig will handle it.

    Vista 64 is the choice for enthusiasts and gamers now. Support is great and you actually get to use your full 4 gig of ram, or more. Home premium or business are both good choices but for 5$ you might as well get Ultimate if you can. CS3 should work on Vista, CS 2 maybe not, but it's been a while since I checked on that.
  2. I was issued Vista 32bit. Is that okay? They said something about a TPM chip or something similar to that...I just said whatever and took it. I hope it works ha.
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