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  1. no dont do that.
  2. I didn't understand if a solution was given. I'm just looking for a Free Anti-Virus Software if anyone can help me.
    Thank you...
  3. Not sure what the OS is, but I suspect it is some variation of Linux. I will move this thread to the Linux section so the people who knows Linux better can help you. Last time I checked, Linux is almost virus free. So I don't think you need one, like Wanamingo says, don't do it. But that may change, so you better check with the experts on Linux forum.

    Moving thread from Vista to Linux.

    Linux experts, please help her. Thank you.
  4. This topic has been moved from the section Windows Vista to section Linux/Free BSD by Pyree
  5. I really don't see how you conclude that this is a Linux question given the OP but I'll answer it for both:

    Linux - Clam Anti Virus. For ubuntu you should be able to find it in the software manager.

    Windows (inc Vista 64) - ClamWin (this is the Windows version of Clam) or Microsoft Security Essentials. Personally I run both of them and have no issues.
  6. audiovoodoo. I'm with you, I was confused about why this thread got moved here as well, and there really wasn't a clear question in the first posts as well, so I basically ignored this thread... well, until now
  7. There is a linux based OS for kids called Kiddix and I suspect the OOsKidsPortable, Open Os for Kids Portable is something similar so I move it here.
  8. Isn't that an open office fork?
  9. There is something called Openoffice for kids, the abbreviation is OOo4Kids and there is no need for AV for a word processor so it is a bit strange.
  10. ^ Mind you I don't think Linux needs anti-virus... but that's me.
  11. Edited. I just wish the PO can reply.
  12. PM the OP and tell them about the solution.
  13. Done. Now waiting in silence.
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