HD2900XT bundle in doubt?


Looks like the bundled Black Box has been scrapped. I'm not sure where this leaves recent 2900 buyers - hopefully they'll be able to get the new Orange.
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  1. YEA I SAW THAT ....IT SUCKS opps caps

    I wonder why they did that.......need to look into it some more
    later :?
  2. I even feel better about closing the shopping cart on the egg when the price jumped even higher than it was 10mins befor.Was able to get 8800gts320 for less than egg local.When the price is RIGHT I totally plan to sell this card because it just feels wrong and really looks wrong.Just doesnt look the same on my P5W DH as the red PCB does , that green board really doesnt look right to me and seems cheap.IDK someone that has ran ATi for so long should understand.I love the fact that ATi has red/blue/ect but I do also like the black NV pcb.I just am upset yet again as the wife and I both have been durfin the forums wait for this card and she would not let me get her the gts also.She didnt care really and why would she I'm payin but a lot of it for me was really feeling let down.And now you guys know what I'm gonna hear when she reads this about the black box(they will have to find mine to tell I didnt stab myself and hurl my own body over the bridge).
  3. From what i understand is that with the hd2900xt you get codes to download and activate the games from STEAM whereas with the retail version you buy the box and get hardcopies and codes to activate your games. So scrapping the retail boxed version has no impact on the bundled version.
    This would be the preferred way for valve to ditribute all their games as they would not need a separate publisher/distributor and could handle everything themselves, where it not for the fact most people still prefer something tangible. I like my boxes and cd's. If i want to download a game i'll use bittorrent :wink:
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