Idle process 99% but CPU usage 50 % huh??

Okay this is where i am so far.

I reinstalled my pc. FRESH clean install.

running SP3. xp pro.
then installed graphic and mother board drivers.

before connecting to the internet or any LAN or installing anyother application. i installed NOD 32 and Spy bot, did both scans. then connected to the internet and did updates for nod and spybot. and scanned again. CPU usage after this was 1%.

later during the day. my CPU suddenly was 50 % and idle was 99%

that to me is wrong. and if its just a bug. its one that is killing my pc.
this is a constant rate of 60% odd (running so far for 3 hours... no change)

i am not sure but could it be the SATA?
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  1. I can't think what is causing this behaviour, but would recommend that you download Process Explorer. That will give you a much more detailed view of what is happening.
  2. Mine does that too sometimes and I really don't know what it is.
  3. All the idle processes are generally instructions sent to the CPU (allocate memory, CPU forks, etc). Thats the reason why this is almost always running 99%.

    Your CPU usage is comming from somewhere else. That is all. :D
  4. It's not quite that simple is it? Idle processes shouldn't exceed the available CPU once all other processes have been accounted for.
  5. generally, you can ignore the idle usage; its commands being sent to the CPU, so windows doesn't count that process in the CPU workload. Something else is causing 50% CPU usage.

    You should be able to sort by CPU usage though taskmanager. What processes are hogging the CPU up?
  6. The update isn't always instant, either. I noticed many times when the idle was at 90+% and CPU usage was at 20+%.
  7. That might explain it. I still recommend Process Explorer for a far more detailed view of exactly what is going on.
  8. It was hardware interrupts... it was using the CPU like that...

    guess what... all due to one thing

    a loose screw at the back of my motherboard.

    so i recommend everyone that has this prob. start off there first. make sure all screws are tight. lol

    shots that process explorer is one of the best apps ever. :D
  9. Quote:
    process explorer is one of the best apps ever
    And a snip at the price! Glad you solved the problem.
  10. I've had problems with Idle Process being tampered with by viruses in the past, and I was getting all kinds of weird goings on. I'm guessing it was a resource issue that was having a noticeable effect? Not just some side effect?

    God knows how you managed to troubleshoot it to being a loose screw in the back of the motherboard. Must have been pulling your hair out before you got to that point!

    I'd also join the crowd for recommending Process Explorer. Great little tool to have on your Windows. :)
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