Zalman 9500AT on GA-P35-DS4 or 965P-DS4

Can the Zalman 9500 AT fit on GA-P35-DS4 or 965P-DS4? I'm concerned about the heatpipes the mobos have...
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  1. I am wondering the same question. However, I'm going to cross my fingers and just try it. If no one can give you a definitive answer, I will be able to next weekend once I receive the MOBO and HSF.

    My MOBO will be a GA-P35-DQ6 which is the same as the P35 DS4. At this point Gigabyte's high end P965s have been discontinued and warehouses are out of stock so you can eliminate consideration of that motherboard unless you already have it.

    Don't be afraid to PM me about other questions you may have about the Motherboard once I get it.
  2. I have the ZALMAN installed and running on the 965P-DQ6 which is tougher to do than the 965P-DS4 because of the large "KRAZY COOL" cooper heat sink on the underside of the board. The Zalman will definitely fit on both these boards and the attachement to the DS4 should be much easier. For the DQ6 I had to mod the backside HSF attachment bracket by cutting the corner screw attachment pieces off the bracket and using them seperately to attach the topside HSF bracket. Works like a charm!

    Hope this helps! :D
  3. Second what BigWig said, I also have the DQ6 board with a 9500 which I installed two months ago - I like it - Remember Not to little, OR too much thermo grease.
  4. Quote:
    Second what BigWig said, I also have the DQ6 board with a 9500 which I installed two months ago - I like it - Remember Not to little, OR too much thermo grease.

    Did you also modify the HSF bracket, or just installed it the normal way?
  5. As you know, this HSF has a two piece mounting kit for the socket 775.
    One piece goes to the underside of the board and is then attached with the topside bracket that attaches to it from the front side of the board. No modification is needed for thr topside bracket!
    Once you have the 4 corner pieces removed from the underside bracket, then it's a cakewalk to attach the topside bracket to them without interference from the copper "KRAZY COOL" heat sink!
  6. Yes Bigwig - I knew about bracket problem for the DQ6 before I bought it, read it in the evals at newegg. Bought mine at compusa on sale for 35 USD. No problem with installation, used my trusty Dremel tool, cut the mounting bracket screws off- Muck better attachment than stock.

    Good artical on "Hot spots" in July issue of MaximumPC. They recommend having the front Fan blowing OUT vs the normal IN. Rational - The intake at the fron blows across "heaters" (otherwise known as Hard drives). Makes sense. I mounted a thermistor between the HSF and ny HD cage (have 4 SATA drives) Room temp was 22 C, Thermistor was 32 C!

    I reversed, But readings went UP - due to negative pressure. With the side panel off my temps dropped 5 C (with Othos). The Thermistor reading dropped 5 C. Plan on Modding my side for a 120 cm fan and retry.

    Be 2 weeks befor I try. Off to Vagas on Tue, In a 2 day blackjack turnament, then off to LA for a week to help my son who just bought a house.
  7. Forgive the typo BigMig W should have been "M"


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