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I need to know what kind of Cat 5e wire I need to run outside. I am looking for it to be weather-proof, interference resistant and I'll probably need to run it about 50 feet. I am thinking I'll need shielded twisted pair correct? I am also thinking about running it around my house in PVC pipe to protect it. Does anybody know of a trustworthy online retailer that sells the type I need? The local radio shack has 100 feet for 29.99 here:

Thank you for any help! :bounce:
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  1. I buy all my CAT5E cable from Home Depot.

  2. Where do you even get cat5 rated for outdoors?
  3. I would buy off newegg. 100 feet is about 18 bucks.
  4. you don't want to run normal cat5e outside at all, it won't stand up to the outdoors and it isn't up to building codes to do so. you will need outdoor cable i.e.
  5. I cannot vouch for whether you are a bad boy and violate any building codes, BUT why not run PVP pipe outside? I'm not sure of your situation, but you could bury it 2 feet underground and be set for the most part. Shielding of cables is really only useful if your wire is going to be exposed to alot of magnetic interference(like your main power line to your house is going to be right next to your LAN cable). Indoors though, I'm not sure why you'd need PVC. I hope you aren't having to protect your cables inside your house more than outside!
  6. Shielded twisted pair is really only used in Europe. North America doesn't see it.

    I have never had a problem running standard Cat5 outside with the elements as long as its not exposed to the sun to degrade the exterior. Generally you want to run PVC piping or something to protect it from being easily cut, UV damaged, and moisture. Though, you have to cap off or seal off each end of the PVC so moisture doesn't collect inside.
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