replaced CMOS battery, now screen is jumping around

I was advised by a McAfee forum rep. to replace my CMOS battery, so I did, now my screen is jumping around, like the fine tuner is going out! I wore a static wrap, rubber gloves and I turned the computer off, before replacing it. I even cleaned the battery with a tissue and checked it to see if it was a good battery and it was! I checked my monitor cables and there fine. I have Windows XP Home Edition, SP 3, with a pentium D cpu, 2 gb's of RAM. Can anyone tell me why my screen isdoing this, because I am stumped?
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  1. try to start the computer in safe mode and see if it is better, and post back.
    if it is then there could be a couple of different issues.
    While in safe mode try to go to device manager and see if there are any troubles with your video settings.
  2. I took out the battery again and put a brand new battery in this time and now it seems to work fine now. (knock on wood)
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