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I purchased a copy of Vista Ultimate OEM 32-bit from newegg a while back - have only used it on my one PC. I am currently in the processes of upgrading my PC with all new components and want to make the jump to 64-bit to take advantage of more ram. My friend will let me borrow his copy of 64-bit Home Premium OEM also purchased from newegg - will my key for 32-bit Ultimate work with his 64-bit Home Premium OEM disc - if so, will I be able to install Ultimate 64-bit from his disc or is it only limited to Home Premium? I'd prefer not to have to purchase another OEM disc for 64-bit since I've already legally purchased the 32-bit version. Thanks!

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  1. No, your key won't work with his disk.
  2. Actually, it did. I tried it tonight and everything worked fine.
  3. Hmm... Since the disk has every version of vista on it, it probably detected that the key was for ultimate, and just installed it. Does it pass all the security checks once installed?
  4. I had to call up M$ for them to validate it. - no issues other than having a hard time understanding the employee from India...
  5. lol, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about...
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