Vista does not see my harddrive?

I have a Gigabyte 45P Motherboard and Samsung 750gb SATA Harddrive


In the BIOS my it recognizes the harddrive, when I try to install Vista Home Premium 64-Bit (Totally clean installation, the harddrive is brand new, in fact every part of my computer is brand new) I get to the point where it says it cannot find a drive and tries to search for drivers (but does not find any). I have the CD that came with the motherboard and it does not seem to have any drivers that vista wants, I have tried loading the CD on another computer and seeing if there was an option to make a driver CD and I don't believe there is, I have tried downloading what I need from the gigabyte website onto a CD and USB drive and those don't seem to work either.

Maybe i'm doing it wrong or maybe I downloaded the wrong drivers I have no idea at this point but i'm determined to get this to install. The harddrive has not been formatted but vista does not seem to be helping me with that. Anyone with more experience know what I should do?
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  1. I dont have a vista disk handy but try to boot to a command prompt to see if it will let you,and type diskpart
    diskpart /? for help
    You need a partition before a format.
    Im not sure why windows isnt seeing the disk but this may fix it.
    dont worry it wont let you mess up the cd
  2. Can i ask, is the Optical drive SATA or IDE?
    I assume SATA as its brand new as you say, worth asking though as i had no end of issues installing off an IDE drive (a thread detailling my troubles is in this forum somewhere)

    If the optical drive is SATA then ignore this comment.
  3. Try downloading the latest sata drivers for your board , in my exprience disc dont work well loading sata drivers try a usb fdd or a flash driver make sure the sata drivers arent compressed and arent in folders . hope this helps ~
  4. I have the exact same problem using an IDE optical drive.
    Any help?
  5. matt2012 said:
    I have the exact same problem using an IDE optical drive.
    Any help?

    give me a link to your mobo or the model.
  6. I had the exact same problem last night. I will first assume that you chose AHCI in the bios. The second thing that I had is a USB drive input connector that links from the front panel (of case) USB device to the USB1 header on the motherboard.

    I put the gigabyte disk into another computer and used explorer to find a folder on the disk called 'bootdrv'. In this folder, you will want to copy either MSM32 or MSM64, depending on 32 or 64 bit vista, to your usb thumbdrive.

    Now restart the vista installation process and when you get to the point were you need to load the SATA drivers, insert the USB thumbdrive into the USB receptacle. You either hit browse or ok, (can't remember) and Vista will most likely find the correct driver (from the USB drive) on its own. In my case it only showed "Intel (R) ICH10R SATA AHCI Controller"

    Once the driver appears to load, vista should take you back to where you can now see the harddrives. If it does, and you still can't see the drives, hit the 'rescan' button. (i had to do this). You should now be able to install vista to the drive of your choice.

    After you get Vista set up, you may need to (if you have multiple SATA hard drives) intialize the hard drives that do not contain Vista. This was not intuitive and if you need help there, let me know.

  7. im using two 2 seagate Seagate ST3500320AS 500GB HDD's running RAID 0 with a Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H motherboard and im trying to install vista ultimate 64bit. i tried brock's advice but couldn't find the msm64 file so instead used the GSATA64 file. result was same as before, no drives found. any advice on what im doing wrong?
  8. Im having the same problem. i just got my computer parts. installed everything.
    im using a gigabyte p45, When i try to install windows vista 64 bit ultimate, the harddrive seems
    to not be showing up. ive tried everything i can. been up for 2 days trying to figure this out.
    I dont have a MSM32 file on my gigabyte cd. Ive also tried using drivers for nforce. i use a external harddrive
    to load the drivers, and vista only detects my external driver. not my SATA. anyone else know wat to do?

    can somone pass me the MSM32 file or somthing

  9. I have never used Viata but if it installs like windows 2000 or XP You probably need to have sata drivers on a floppy and install them before you actually install the OS. I have 2 sata HDD on my system and the drivers have to be installed before the OS so the OS sees the drives.
    So set the bios to boot from cd rom. then turn on system with OS disk in cd rom or dvd rom. Then when it asks you if you need to install 3rd party drivers hit the propper F key ( F8 ) I beleive. Then it will ask you to put floppy in floppy drive and hit enter when ready. It will then install the sata drivers first. It will also ask you if you have other drivers to install and you say no.
    Hope this helps,

  10. check drivers and if you can plug the hd into another computer to format it first. I don't know why but this seems to help.
  11. There is a simple solution. I think it may work and worked for me. Just install windows 98, and then upgrade to vista.

    In win 98 it will recognise your dive and convert your drive to fat 32. and when you are installing vista you have to convert your FAT to NTFS again to continue setup in partition selection table.

    Please leave your feedback on if you succeeded.
    Thank you
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