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hi everyone,

just got my dir-655 today, very excited. the direct connection to my computer works fine and unsecured wireless works fine too. (fine in the functioning, but btw never live anywhere where pavlov media is the only high speed internet option, im paying for up to 4mbs and im getting 56k! bagah!)

but when i try to configure a wpa2 setup i cant connect. the laptops ill be connecting with are an inspiron 1420 with draft-n and a new macbook pro also with draft-n i believe.

ive tried running the wizard and ive saved my keys in notepad on my usb flash drive, always entered correctly obviously, and i tried 8, 32, and 52 long keys.

help me get this set up pwease

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  1. Well a quick way to resolve this may to use WPA with AES encryption it can be broken but it will take a lot of time with a strong key. I know you paid for wpa2 but something is better than nothing.
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