Windows system 32 error

Help my pc froze and when I tried to reboot I receive the message 'file missing or corrupt - windows\system32\config\system' error.'
I am running XP Pro OEM on a raid network and SATA. The raid is intact.

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  1. I saw that but it says do not use if you have an oem installed windows, any other suggestions
  2. if you don't know the Administrator pasword.

    If you didn't have AID-0 you could remove the drive and just replace the corrupted registry.

  3. Sorry Gump I am feeling stupid
    Can you run me through from start how to go through the reinstall - do I use the support/microsoft first or the home.eunet,no
  4. Use the Microsoft procedure first. If you can't login after restoring the default registry, use the NT password editor to blank the Administrator password.

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