Deployment Issues with Windows XP

On a Vista computer, I created a C#2.0 application which used to install and run just fine on two XP computers as I developed the program over time.

Now that the program is completed with an optional shortcut program that is run during the installation to start the program from the user's desktop or startup menu as well as a license program, I keep getting the following after the software has been installed and I try to run the program on the XP computers:

Error Signature:
EventType: clr20r3 P1: pickamortgage.exe P2:
P3: 4a6de6b9 P4: system.drawing P5: P6: 4889dec2
P4: 144 P8: 14 P9:

Installation and startup worked well before on the XP computers even with the shortcut program and the license utility.

When I compare the working directories of the XP computers with the Vista computer where I also do test installations and run the program, there are no missing files as far as I can tell.

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  1. Let me start by saying that I know close to nothing about C# beside the fact that it's a VM language like Java and is "inspired by C/C++".

    My guess about what the above error means would be that it's looking for some kind of system.drawing library/object version, but can only find version (it could also be the other way around, P2, P3, P4, P5, ... are not very descriptive labels :P). Make sure both computers Vista + XP have the same versions of the .Net framework (runtime) installed, it might be just that, but I could be wrong.
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