Windows vista freezes if left on for a while

So my windows vista just freezes up if i dont do anything to it. If I dont touch it will just freeze up. I installed vista service pack 1 and still does it any tips?
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  1. *bump*

    I've had similar problems if I leave my PC on for more than 24 hours, so far I've gotten:

    WMPlayer stops responding
    Yahoo Widgets stops responding
    Sound turns off completely
    Keyboard redirected all inputs (backspace = g and so forth)

    My friend claims it's because I OC'd my pc, but I'm running an E8500 at 3.86 which is a relatively mild overclock, plus repeated OCCT/Prime tests show my system as stable when running for 2+ hrs.
  2. Well i did oc my pc back on windows xp though so im not sure if thats why, but now I think its a virus or someting my internet is slow and i see the blinkin on my modem when there is no internet activity.
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